Monday, November 25, 2013

How did these get in my bedroom?

I once met a lady who was pregnant with her fourth child. As we were talking somehow the subject came to the fact that her new infant would be sharing a bedroom with her and her husband, due to lack of space in their home. I remember being appalled. 

You see at the time I was a young mom who was pregnant with my second child. I had a bedroom for everyone in my house and I just couldn't wrap my mind around setting up a nursery in my OWN bedroom. 

Oh. My. 

How silly and spoiled was I?

I also remember having a four bedroom home and only two children and actually thinking that I didn't know where I would put another baby if I had one, because my spare bedroom was used for the tread mill and all the other junk that we didn't know what to do with. 

Again. Wow. 

Looking back on that Miranda makes me want to puke. You see I thought that happiness meant stuff, large homes, new cars, pedicures, new clothes, and jewelry. I was annoying and no matter what I had there was always something new that I or my children had to have or else we wouldn't be like everyone else. 

I didn't want others to think I, or my children, were weird or strange or poor. Those labels terrified me!

Bless my heart. 

Now, I am that mom who is about to have four children forth will be sharing a bedroom with my husband and I!  SHOCKING!!!!!

 My home is half the size of that four bedroom home I once had, and I am lucky enough to drive a nice van with room for all of these children. (It is still nice even though it has a large dent in the front bumper. I blame that on pregnancy and sleep deprivation.)

I never want to be the Miranda that I use to be. Although, she still rears her ugly head from time to time to whine about things. (If I am honest her head looks better than the current Miranda's because she keeps her roots done.)  I am trying my best to keep her at bay.

Levi might not get his own bedroom. Actually, he may NEVER get his own bedroom but I hope that I can give him and my other children much more than that. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Top 10 Reasons That I Will Not Miss Pregnancy

1.Sleeping "comfortably" requires 5-6 pillows strategically place around my body. 

2. I am not a fan of waking up with one or both arms or hands "asleep" and then having to stay awake while I move them feverishly in hopes that the circulation will return to them. I won't lie. Due to my thoughts being clouded because of sleepiness, I have thought that feeling might never return to them leaving me unable to move my hands or arms for the duration of my pregnancy. I have been known to overreact from time to time. 

3. Waking to a leg cramp that feels like I will never be able to straighten my leg again due to the piercing pain. I told you, I might overreact a little.

4. Looking in the mirror to see that it appears that I have been stung by an entire bee hive full of bees, due to the swelling that has occurred not only to my face but my entire body. 

5.Trying to decide whether sitting down is worth all the pain and effort of getting back up in five minutes to go to the restroom, yet again. 

6. Planning my trips up and down the stairs to make each trip efficient so that I don't have to do it but a few times a day.  Then crying due to the realization that it is inevitable that I will forget something and my plans will be thrown out the window. 

7. Walking. All walking hurts and feels like I deserve a brownie just for attempting it. 

8. Eating. You would think this would be enjoyable to a pregnant lady. While I do enjoy the taste of food, I do not enjoy the feeling that knives are stabbing my esophagus as I try to swallow it. Thank you indigestion. 

9. Varicose veins - Anyone who has experienced these can give me an amen. My legs look as though I have been beaten with a baseball bat. I have blue and purple bulging veins all over my legs. While they will never fully go away, one of the great rewards I will always carry from pregnancy, they do get much better once I am not carrying all of this extra weight and blood. (I know gross, put your big boy/girl pants on please. Life and labor are much more disgusting. It's beautiful.)

10. Going to my weekly doctor visit only to find that I have gained 5lbs in a week!! I swear I have eaten healthy except for all that chocolate cake, sweet tea, and "granola" bars (Let's just call them what they really are, candy bars with some grains.)

I am aware that the rewards of pregnancy far out weigh all of my moaning and groaning but sometimes we just have to laugh to keep from crying. Or go eat a pan of brownies and make ourselves feel better.