Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fear Wins

There's a common thread we all share. I would like to think that it's love, but the more I see what drives us, what pushes us, and what motivates us; I have found that the common factor is fear. 

Fear is what keeps us from relationships, from understanding, from building bridges. Fear nurtures hate. Fear breeds hate. Fear eradicates knowledge, and desire for growth. 

Fear keeps us shackled to one place, while it also keeps us from running when we need to stay. Fear directs us to the safe decision, while it also keeps us from taking chances. 

Why is peace throughout the world an unattainable goal? Fear. Fear of others beliefs. Fear of loss of power. Fear of other cultures. All of these fears manifest hate, which begets violence. 

Fear must dominate. It must consume, and the only way to defeat fear is to let it win. Let it terrify us so that we cannot accept complacency. So that we can't accept hatred, racism, violence, ignorance, bigotry, chauvinism, injustice, and poverty. We can't let it crush our dreams or suffocate life. We can't let it push us from love, understanding, and acceptance. 

Fear must win. We must look it in the eyes, and let it drive us to virtue and harmony.